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ICanLocalize ICanLocalize is a website translation service that enables website owners to work directly with independent translators.

Are you a professional translator looking for a translation job?

You can translate entire websites with no knowledge of HTML. Our translation software takes care of all technical work for you, letting you concentrate on the translation.

If you are a professional translator or passed the American Translators Association certification exam, we invite you to sign up for an account.

Work faster

Translate entire websites without ever touching the HTML code.

Our system takes care of all technical aspects of website translation. All you need to do is translate the texts. When you're done, a complete multi-lingual website is automatically constructed with your translation.

Take charge of your career

Find great projects without a translation agency.

We'll send you a daily summary of projects that match your profile. You can bid on any project you like and communicate directly with clients.

Earn more money

There's no sign-up fee, subscription or other hidden fees. Our commission is deducted only when you get paid.

Bid on projectFree
* Commission20%

* We charge a 20% commission when the project is complete and you get paid.

Work from home

Do the work at your own schedule, from home

All the work you do for ICanLocalize is done from your home. All you need is a PC (running Windows) and Internet connection. We'll send you everything you need to get started, including the translation software. Our support staff will help you start translating in no time.

* Please note: basic knowledge of English is required, as this is our official communication language.

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You are viewing the Translators' zone. If you need to have a website translated, visit the Webmasters' zone.

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